Shamanic Hands-on Healing Workshop


No prerequisites.

There is no exam for this workshop.

You will receive a certificate of completion.

This workshop would make a perfect addition to the Shamanic Soul Retrieval Practitioner Certification Course


For open-minded only!

I am sharing ancient healing techniques that were passed down from generation to generation in my family. You probably will not see it anywhere else. You do not need to be a "Shaman by blood" to effectively use these techniques.


You will learn shamanic healing techniques:


  • Spiritual cleansing: people and space
  • Balancing nature's elements within the body and space
  • Ancient techniques of working with raw eggs: removing stagnant energy, negative informational imprint, ailments from a person onto an egg, and diagnostics.
  • Working with melted wax: "pulling" ailments from a person onto the melted wax and diagnostics
  • Disconnecting a person from harmful egregors
  • The basics of sound healing
  • Structure and charge water or any other drink. Make "dead" and "living" water.
  • Create your own healing chants


You can just view the workshop or follow along in real-time with your instructor.


What you will need to have ready:


1) 1 raw fertile egg - whole, not cracked - washed well with soap or white vinegar. (Not all eggs that sold are fertile, the carton/box has to say "fertile", usually sold in the organic food section).


2) A glass or a jar 3/4 filled with plain tap water. Find a plain see-through glass or a jar without any ornaments or patterns.


3) A small metal or crystal bell if you have one.


4) Two small cups of drinking water (no more than 3 oz each). A teaspoon.


This workshop is run live via Zoom. You will be able to ask your instructor questions.


Technical requirements: you will need a high-speed internet connection. No need to take notes - you will have access to the class's video recording. Viewing your workshop on a computer will provide a much better experience compared to a smartphone. Mobil Zoom app has limited capabilities.


You will receive a Zoom link via email 5 minutes before the class.


12 pm - 2 pm (EST)

July 31 (Saturday), 2021

Live via ZOOM


Registration confirmation and other communications will be sent to the email address that is associated with your payment account. Please make sure to check your spam box.


 If you're having trouble placing the payment, opt your browser to allow pop-ups. You can also contact me and ask me to email you an invoice.

Text 888 - 913 - 6886 and type "Shamanic workshop invoice" and type your email.


If you won't be able to make it to the live Zoom presentation, you will still receive a video recording of the entire presentation.



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