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Emergence into Tarot Trance Workshop

Beginner's Level


This is an experimental pilot workshop. There will be no written materials. Only live on Zoom workshop and unlimited access to the recording of that workshop afterward.


Tarot is a complex philosophical and magical system. It's a life journey on its own. One can never stop learning the Tarot. But you have to start somewhere, and this workshop might be just what you need. 


The entire class will be done in a hypnotic trance to make it easier to connect with the energies that each Tarot card represents, and understand and memorize the cards' meanings. It's great if learning Tarot the traditional way by the book doesn't click with you.


Even if you are completely new to Tarot, after this class you will be able to read for yourself and others.


After this workshop, you will be able to read Tarot intuitively without the need for looking up the meanings of each card in books. You will be able to read the Tarot for yourself and others!


Join our community on Facebook - Group "Together" for ongoing support and practice with peers. (Please write "Tarot" as your name when joining the group)


12 noon - 2 pm Eastern Standard Time

Saturday, December 4th, 2021

Live on Zoom


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Tarot reading for a client demonstration

Example of using hypnotic language in the reading

Predictions example

Relationship analysis example

Relationship analysis example


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