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Forget Your Ex


Healing prerecorded video session - for healing after a breakup


What is included:

1) Coaching, guided cord-cutting, and release of your ex. 32 minutes long video session.

2) Healing Light guided meditation MP3

3) Deep Relaxation guided meditation MP3

4) Aura Strengthening (Shielding) - guided practice MP3


Even long after the relationship is over, the man stays energetically attached to the woman and constantly drains her of energy, using her life source as fuel for his achievements. That is why it's so hard for women to forget their ex and move on.

Let me help you to disconnect from your ex (or exes) for good, so he (or them) don't drain you of your life source. It's your energy, use it to achieve your own goals and fulfill your own dreams.


The files are hosted on Podia. You will be able to access the files as many times as you'll need. No need to download and take up space on your own device.




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