How to market Hypnosis services without paid advertising



Be proactive in promoting your services! If you are just starting out, nobody knows you, and no one will come knocking on your door.


Always carry your business cards everywhere you go. Give it to everyone you talk to. Leave a few cards everywhere it may be appropriate. Pinning my business cards on the bulletin boards in our local grocery store brings me a steady flow of clients. These are mostly for weight loss, smoking cessation, and anxiety.


Whenever you will see people smoking outside of grocery stores and restaurants, stop and give them your business card with the words, "Call me when you are ready to stop smoking. I'll help you to quit easily and effectively." I cannot even tell you how many clients I have "picked up" like that over the years of my practice.



Become a walking billboard!


Print yourself an ID badge with your name and the word “Hypnotist” in large font. As one of my friends says: “Hypnotists are like astronauts. There is a very little chance to meet either one in real life.”


Wear this badge everywhere you go, and you will attract attention like a celebrity! Be prepared to give your sales pitch and offer your business card.


Custom printed shirts work in the same way, only they’re easier to read from a distance.


Wear these badges or t-shirt when you are running your daily errands: grocery shopping, post office, pharmacy... Especially when you go get a haircut or get your nails done!


This sort of marketing doesn't take any extra effort, you are going to all these places anyway. You don't have to sell anything and you don't have to force yourself on anyone. People will approach you on their own.


Car magnets work very well. I have a separate magnet for different services I offer and switch them depending on where I go. I have “picked up” lots of clients like that.


Please note that placing this magnet on the back of the car will attract more attention than on the sides of the car. You can also get custom printed stickers, but you won’t be able to switch them easily. Once you peel it off you won’t be able to reuse it. Both, magnets and stickers, are available at very affordable prices on Vista.

How to market your services. How to create offerings and packages.

Do flyers, brochures, pamphlets work for promoting coaching, hypnosis, therapy services?

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