How to run workshops and group hypnosis


Running workshops and group hypnosis can be fun and rewarding. It will put some immediate cash into your pocket and may result in more clients in the future!


How much can you charge for your workshops and group hypnosis?


It depends on the demand in your area.

In the USA, it's usually $25 – $45 per person.


Although, seeing clients in your own home may never seem like a good idea, but if you are absolutely strapped for cash, that may be the solution you need.


Just imagine if you do it at home, there is almost no cost involved. You may want to spend a little money on drinks and snacks for your guests.


If your living room can accommodate just eight people, it can result in $200 - $360 of earnings in just two hours.


If you want to do it on a bigger scale and get a space that is suitable for at least 50 people, do the math. Having a group of 50 people and charging just $25 will result in $1,250. For my last pre-covid Past Life Regression group hypnosis, I have charged $45. Over 100 people came. People that showed up without signing up ahead of time, had to sit on the floor as the conference room was completely packed. Not one person complained! That conference room costs $25 per hour. I paid $50 for two hours. I run an ad in the local deals magazine - $350. The rest was profit.


Plan your larger events at least 4 months ahead to give yourself enough time to promote it. Don't use paid advertising with your first events as there is no guarantee that you'll make this money back. Be proactive in promoting. Shoot some YouTube videos and post on your social media. Send the invites to your email list. Hand out flyers to local businesses.


Where to run your group events:


  • Local library - they usually have a conference room that you can rent at a very affordable rate.


  • Local park - weather permitting.


  • Beach - weather permitting.


  • Yoga studio


  • Business conference room


  • School classroom or theater


  • Gym


If you are running your event outside, yoga studio, or gym, ask your guests to bring a yoga mat to sit on and to lay down for hypnosis.



Planning is the key.


Start with 1 hour and, once you'll get comfortable, expand your workshops to 2 hours long.


All my courses have enough material to design a very good presentation. The files come in Word format, so it's easy to copy and edit the needed information.


One of my courses, the Shamanic Soul Retrieval Practitioner Certification Course, comes with 3 scripted workshops.


You can print the pages, insert them into laminating sleeves, and organize them in a pretty folder.


Practice. Practice a lot. Practice with your family, and when they can’t take it anymore, practice with your cat, and when the cat runs away, practice with an empty chair.


You can record yourself on your smartphone and listen with headphones whenever you can. Your material will get ingrained into your mind very fast.


There is nothing wrong with reading, but you will be a lot more effective when you don’t have to read, and you will look more professional too.


You can design themed hypnosis workshops. Focusing on specific issues like health, spiritual growth, uncovering special talents and abilities, or meeting a soulmate.


You can offer a program of a few workshops addressing all of the issues of your choice.


The things you will need for sure:


1. Your business cards.


2. Your promotional materials (calendar with future events; invitations to join your social media or Meetup group; coupons and special offers).


3. Clipboard for everyone to write their name and email address (if you offer some incentives, people will be more inclined to share their email. I offer a short relaxation recording in MP3 format).

Things that you may need:


4. Microphone (depending on the size of the space. You can find one that is very affordable online. I prefer a microphone with a headset and a speaker that hooks to a belt, so my hands are free, and I am free to move around the room)


Things that are nice to have:


1. Music (soft and neutral).


2. A few boxes of tissues (you will have some criers).


3. A pack of small bottles of water (make people feel taken care of).


4. A reliable assistant to help you out (to open and lock the doors when someone arrives late; switch lights on and off; turn music on; handle the registration).


5. A small gift to take home to remind people about you (a printed card with a positive quote or some tips; a bookmark with your business information; chakra chart for meditation)


* * * * * * * * * * * * *


    Start the workshop by greeting everyone. Show appreciation to everyone that made time to join you. Then introduce yourself, tell who you are and what you do, and why you do what you do. Tell your story. Show that you are a human too.


    And then do a quick sales pitch. You can make a one-time special offer. For example: “I have a new event coming up……. I’d love you to attend. If you sign up today, it’s only $... vs. regular price…” Or you can offer a special price for an individual session. This is your chance to get more clients!


You can pass around your cards and other marketing materials. Don’t wait for it until the end.


At this point, I guide the group through a simple relaxation or grounding exercise to help them to settle down and relax. The script for grounding practice is included with all my courses and is suitable for working one-on-one or in a group session. Grounding is a MUST after practices like shamanic journey and astral traveling.



Nest step: 


Deliver the theory you have prepared for your workshop.

Share your stories in relation to the theme of your workshop. Leave out the real names, if you are telling about other people’s experiences.

Follow with the hypnotic pre-talk to prepare the group for hypnosis.


Once everyone has settled in, dim the light, and turn the music on. Deliver your hypnotic script.


Things to consider:


- Focus on educating about the benefits of hypnosis.


- A group session is a chance for many people to try out hypnosis and decide if this may be beneficial to them.


- For some people, it may be the only chance to experience hypnosis, so make it count!


- A group session is exploration; you are not providing therapy like you would when working one-on-one. Although, you do want to add general suggestions for the whole group to release the negativity, pain, fears, and so on.


- If someone starts crying, walk up and put your hand on their shoulder and say: “Take a deep breath and allow the experience to fade away.” Repeat if necessary. The rest of the group will experience it as a part of the process.


- Some people may fall asleep, walk up and hold their hand gently. It’s usually enough to wake them up. Once they open their eyes, put your hand on the shoulder and say: “relax and go deeper now…” For the rest of the group, it will sound organically like a part of your script.


- Some people may snore. It does not necessarily mean that they are asleep. People often snore in a state of deep relaxation. Walk up to the person, gently put your hand on their shoulder and say: “As you sit up straight, you will notice that the breathing becomes easier… and that helps you to relax even deeper…” Again, for the rest of the group, it will sound organic.




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