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    Past Life Regression Practitioner

    Certification Course

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    Prerequisites: basic hypnosis skills.


    Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a printable certificate with the designation of your choice: 

    - Certified Past Life Regression Practitioner 

    - Certified Past Life Regression Hypnosis Specialist


    This course will help you take your Past Life Regression practice onto an entirely new level. With the tools provided in this course, you will be able to help your clients remember who they really are, learn about their true life path and mission, remember and unlock the ancient knowledge and talents they have acquired throughout many lifetimes.


    Here, we are combining hypnosis and tools from numerology and astrology and working with the concept of Karma on a more meaningful level.


    You'll learn to calculate past lifetimes karma and this lifetime lessons and mission. You'll learn how to use tools from astrology, numerology, palmistry, and even graphology with which you'll be able to "diagnose" your clients' current situation and help them find solutions to their existing problems. You will be able to guide your clients back onto their true life path. 



    Module 1


    Segment 1: Theory


    • What past life regression is and the benefits of it;
    • How to regress yourself and others, one-on-one or in a group setting;
    • How to heal present by healing your past;
    • How to recognize the meaning behind the symptoms;
    • How to recognize and untangle karmic relationships;
    • How to facilitate in-person in the office and online sessions;
    • How to recognize and handle abreaction
    • How to connect with your soul family members and call in a soulmate;
    • Energetic cleansing and protection;
    • Energetic cord-cutting.


    Segment 2: Hypnosis session.

    You will experience Past Life Regression hypnosis, grounding, cord-cutting.




    Module 2


    Segment 1: Theory - why and how we can implement astrological and numerological calculations as a guide for more effective past life regression sessions for your client.


    Segment 2: in this segment, you will learn:


    • numerological calculations of Karmic lessons & destiny;
    • how to calculate past-life debt;
    • how to calculate the area of "locked" knowledge and talents;
    • how to read past life Karma and current life lessons and mission in the natal chart
    • basic palmistry - you'll be able to analyze anyone's strengths and weaknesses just by glancing at their hands
    • basic graphology - you'll be able to analyze anyone just by glancing at their signature.





    What you are getting with the course:



    • Past Life Regression Manual  - 264 pages long


    • Hypnotic Scripts:

    1. Past life regression
    2. Past life regression with progression into the future
    3. Grounding
    4. Protection
    5. Connecting with your soul family
    6. Meet your soulmate
    7. General healing
    8. Collecting debts (karmic)


    • Video presentation


    • Video demonstration of a session with a client


    • Video demonstration of group hypnosis


    • Hypnosis audio recordings for your own use: Past Life Regression, Grounding, Meet Your Soulmate, Protection.


    • Checklists in the Word format that are easy to adjust and print for your use


    • Numerological charts with explanation


    • Astrological descriptions of birth dates in relation to past and present lives.



    With the files I have written, you will be able to simply copy and paste information from the needed birthdate and create an impressive guide for each client (which you can print or email to your client).


    I'll show you how to present this information to your client during the appointment and how to use it as a map for past life regression hypnosis. You will know exactly where to lead your client and what issues need to be addressed.


    • Business and marketing guide:
    1. How to set up a profitable business on a shoestring budget
    2. What you need to get ready to see your clients in person and online
    3. Daily operations from taking calls to getting paid
    4. Prevent no-payments & no-shows
    5. Personal safety
    6. Marketing


    • Join our Facebook Group for ongoing support and to connect with peers for practicing your new skills.


    • Attend our live Zoom Meetings free of charge for support and further learning.

    Your instructor: Guzalia Davis

    Professional hypnotist, NLP Master, coach, educator, speaker, published author.

    Certified Hypnosis Trainer & Member of International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ICBCH)


    • The courses are taught live via Zoom. You will be able to interact with your instructor.


    • The courses are supplemented with studying materials in video, audio, and written formats.


    • Governmental regulations that oversee hypnosis and coaching practices vary from country to country. It is up to you to check your local business regulations and practice within the law. In the USA, the coaching practice is not regulated by any governmental agency and not requires any licensing.


    • Technical requirements: you will need a high-speed internet connection. Headphones advised (but not necessary) - for better sound experience and to block out surrounding noise. No need to take notes - you will have access to the course recording. Viewing your course on a computer will provide a much better experience compared to a smartphone. Mobil Zoom app has limited capabilities.


    • You will receive a Zoom link via email 5 minutes prior to the course.


    • All the materials and the exam questions will be emailed after the day of the course.


    • At your convenience, answer the exam questions and email them back. You can retake the exam if you fail.


    • Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a printable certificate.

    Past Life Regression Practitioner

    Certification Course



    The course is hosted on Podia and ready for instant access.


    Ongoing support and practice with peers are available in our private Facebook group.


    Attend our weekly live Zoom Meetings (free of charge) for further learning, practice, and help with building business and marketing.


    Go to Podia for instant access






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    Chatting with Amanda Dodd about our experiences with Past Life Regression Hypnosis Amanda Dodd:


    What is Past Life Regression Therapy?


    Past Life Regression Therapy is based on the theory of reincarnation. It is a belief that a soul survives death to be reborn again into a new body with a renewed opportunity to learn life’s lessons, grow and evolve.


    Wikipedia’s definition: “Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that an aspect of a living being starts a new life in a different physical body or a form after each biological death. It is also called rebirth or transmigration and is a part of the Samsara doctrine of cyclic existence.”


    The word “reincarnation” came from Latin and means “entering the flesh again.”


    Through past-life regression, Dr. Brian Weiss says, it is possible to heal your mind, body, and soul, as well as strengthen your present-day relationships. He says, one of the most common signs of a past life is déjà vu - the sensation that you have met a person before, have experienced an event, or have visited someplace previously. Sometimes, this déjà vu feeling is a sign of a past life with a particular person or in a specific place.


    Let’s take a moment to go over some terms that are often used in relation to past life regression.


    Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories of past lives or incarnations. This technique works regardless of our beliefs.


    PLR - abbreviation for past life regression. Regression – a return to a previous state or time. Often used in hypnotherapy.


    Hypnosis – a state of focused attention, bypassing of the critical factor of the human mind, and heightened susceptibility to suggestions. 


    My own definition of hypnosis: it’s a key with which you can unlock the gate to the sacred space within you where beautiful changes can be created, where logic does not apply and limits do not exist, and where magic is a permanent resident.


    Transmigration – the belief that the soul can decide to come back in a plant, animal, or mineral form. Dolores Cannon collected some data on that subject throughout her 30 years of experience. Some of her patients had memories of being a plant or an animal.


    Karma – the Law of Cause and Effect. In Sanskrit, Karma means action, work, or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual. In Vedic scriptures, it is said that our lives are weaved from our Karma. Everything that is present in your life now is the result of your past karma; every decision you make and every action you take creates more karma and will influence your future life. I’d like you to think of karma not as a punishment, but instead as a learning opportunity to gain wisdom of universal laws. For every action, there is a reaction and vice-versa. It is your attitude that determines the positive and negative influence karma has on your life. In past life regression therapy, we often deal with the concept of Karma.


    Free-Will – the ability to choose your own path of existence. We choose who we will become when we reincarnate. We choose our gender. We choose our parents. We choose what lesson or lessons we want to learn and our mission.


    Déjà vu – in French, it literally means "already seen." It is the phenomenon of having an adamant sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has already been “lived through” in the past. It is a feeling of familiarity. A feeling that you have visited a location previously when in reality you are visiting this place for the very first time. A feeling that you already know a person that you’ve just met.


    Abreaction – a spontaneous release of a deeply emotional experience.




    What is Behind Your Symptoms?



    Many times, the symptoms we feel are said to be “all in your head” by doctors. If there are no physiological or psychological reasons for the issue, then past-life exploration would be a wonderful way to uncover the memories of past trauma. Often past life regression can reveal the “root cause” of a present symptom, injury, or chronic illness. Birthmarks and deformities could be the physical point of entry into the body at the time of death, such as stabbing or gunshot wounds. A “root cause” is often found in a past life memory.


    These clues can be relevant to your past and just as well to your current lifetime. Please use common sense. This information is not meant to diagnose any illness, just to give you some clues.


    Asthma: may be linked to greed, selfishness, desire to take on too much and hold onto things. Unresolved grief Fear of life. No desire to be here.


    Chronic Constipation: Lack of desire to do anything for others. Greed. Envy. Selfishness. Not wanting to share anything. Fear of letting go. Trying to hold onto everything you have. Fear of losing control. Fear of the future.


    Diabetes: Imbalance on the emotional level. Envy towards people that have more than you. Self-blame. Feelings of not being loved. Sadness. One Tibetan monk told me that he believes, diabetes is the “unloved wife’s disease”.


    Food allergies: often related to the feeling of low self-esteem and the constant need to please others. They can also be brought about by sustained feelings of being out of control. Inability to express emotions.


    Headaches and Migraines can be symptomatic of unwillingness to acknowledge an unpleasant experience or a reaction to injury from a past life. Suppressed anger and hate. Willful ignorance.


    Eyes: recurrent eye infections and poor vision are symptoms of poor perception. A person may have witnessed a horrific event in the past and creates blind to injustice and brutality now. A person might be consciously choosing to ignore what’s going around – literally, does not want to see. Narrowmindedness. Rigid views.


    Ears: recurrent ear infections and poor hearing could be an unconscious desire to ignore what you don’t want to hear or acknowledge. Stubbornness. Unwillingness to hear other opinions or accept any advice.


    Nose & Throat: sinus problems and persistent sore throats may be indicative of death by drowning, guillotine, have your throat cut, suffocation, or strangulation in a previous life. Also, lying and holding back true emotions. Inability to express emotions.


    Neck, Shoulders & Back: pain can indicate a reluctance to bear a burden, overbearing pressure, and responsibility. Financial difficulties. Emotional restrain. Domineering parents.


    Legs & Feet: stiffness, swollen ankles, leg ulcers are manifestations of needing to escape or run away. Choosing the wrong life path. Going to places you’d rather not, like to the work that you hate.


    Stomach: digestive disorders come from suppressed emotions such as bitterness, resentment, and anger. In many cases, this “dis-ease” of the soul manifests in current life as cancer cells in the physical body due to unprocessed emotional energy.


    Sexual dysfunctions: a feeling of sexual inadequacy, impotence, lack of bladder control, could be due to guilt or fear from past-life sexual trauma. It could also be linked to rigid religious beliefs or cults. It can be the result of refusal to fulfill your gender role.


    Skin: eczema, acne, hives, rashes may be symptomatic of the need to “get out of your skin.” Often these skin eruptions are from emotional pain still stored deep inside.


    Anorexia & Bulimia could be symptomatic of current problems such as lack of self-worth. Extreme fear of rejection. Past-life origination could come from rejection from a parent or a lover. The emotional impact of abandonment may manifest as a desire to waste away literally.


    Obesity can be rooted in a strong desire to build a physical barrier to isolate or protect self from the danger or society. Many victims of abuse and rape unconsciously gain weight. These people have a deep need for protection, both – physical and emotional. It may also originate from a traumatic experience of malnutrition or starvation in a former life. People would often obsess over food so that they never must feel the pain of hunger or starve to death again.


    Addictions: lack of self-love. Gratification by use of drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, food, gambling may come from deprivation or fear of loss in a previous life. People may have an all-consuming urge to make sure they “have enough” this time around. Lack of genuine relationships. Lack of love in general.


    Depression: some people feel sad and depressed without any identifiable cause for their condition. If in a past life you have suffered a traumatic loss or an extremely traumatic experience, you may still carry this informational imprint and emotional language and continue to feel helpless and hopeless even though you may not have any apparent reason for it right now.


    Insecurity takes on many forms with the most common being the “fear of commitment.” If in a past life you were abandoned, you may now need a lot of affection. This often leads to a series of short-term relationships or staying with abusive partners so that you never have to be alone again.


    Anxiety is an indicator of a lack of trust in one’s own abilities. Often a deeply ingrained belief about not having enough food. A belief that there will never be enough resources, love, and so on.


    Fears and Phobias: Fear is a normal response to danger. Fear is embedded into our natural instinct for survival. A Phobia, on the other hand, involves an “irrational fear” of something that does not present an immediate or logical danger. In most cases, fear is symbolic of general insecurity and anxiety concerning the future or mortality. Past life connections could be in the form of drowning, burning, suffocation, or torture.


    Female Health Issues; Breast and Ovarian Cancer: feeling unloved; loneliness; lack of satisfaction in family life; unwillingness to take on the role of a mother and wife.

    Copyrighted material

    Copyrighted material

    With Amanda Dodd,  sharing our experiences with Past Life Regression Hypnosis Amanda Dodd: