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Smoking Cessation Specialist Certification


In this course you will learn:

  • How to screen potential clients
  • Effective pre-talk
  • Step-by-step session
  • How to customize smoking cessation for each client
  • How to create your signature program and become an expert in this field
  • How to run group smoking cessation
  • How to market your services

What is included:

  • Video presentation
  • Video demonstration of hypnosis sessions with clients in-person and via Zoom
  • Video demonstration of teaching clients stress-management techniques
  • A step-by-step outline of a Smoking Cessation
  • Hypnotic scripts
  • Intake forms
  • Payment and cancellation policy examples
  • Text draft for your website
  • Marketing guide



  • Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a printable certificate via email.
  • Governmental regulations that oversee hypnosis and coaching practices vary from country to country, and even state to state within the USA. It is up to you to check your local business regulations and practice within the law.
  • Prerequisites: basic hypnosis and/or meditation skills would be helpful.

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Smoking Cessation is a real bread-and-butter of a hypnotist. You will have to promote yourself to acquire the first dozen of clients, and then the referrals will start coming in.

The market is hot right now due to covid, falling economy, and continuous raising of tobacco prices. My clients now say that they just cannot afford to smoke anymore.

Smoking cessation is usually done in 1 - 4 sessions. I do it in a single 2-hours session. Prices range anywhere from $100 to $950. I charge $400 for a single smoking cessation session (in Maryland).