How to use Groupon for marketing your services



Be very careful with Groupon as you may enter an agreement that will force you to give away your services practically for free.


Don’t offer any discounts for your one-on-one sessions. Instead, you can offer a digital product you’ve created (audio hypnosis kits, workshop, book).


Selling a physical product like book or CD on Groupon works well too, just make sure that you leave enough margins.


Offering tickets to your public event (group hypnosis, workshop or healing circle) can work out very well too. Make sure to plan well ahead!


If, for example, you would normally do this presentation for free and your normal rate for group hypnosis $45, you can offer Groupon special $20. Groupon will require you to offer at least half off your regular rate. You can still make good money if you sign up enough people, and it is a great way to introduce yourself to potential clients locally.


Give yourself 4-6 months to lay it all out! At the same time, you can promote this event to your existing clients, your email list and with all the content you put out online.


Understand that you may end up with as little as 20 or as much as 100 tickets sold. You’ll need to secure a space that is large enough to accommodate this group.


You also want to have an exit plan in case it doesn’t work out the way you expect (cancellation policies).


Renting a conference room in a library is probably the safest option. It’s cheap and easy to cancel if you must. Outside, in a park, beach, forest… is another safe option. You will need to reserve a rain date in case of the bad weather.

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