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Past Life Regression Colaborative Project

Introduction to Past Life Regression Workshop/Group Hypnosis

Exploring Past Life Regression with Jim Kellner

Hypnosis Demo. How to forget your worries and finally really relax. Anchoring technique. Recorded at Eden Life Journeys Healing Retreat Bon Secours, Marriottsville, Maryland, USA

Hypnosis Demo. Feeling better now and relax.

How to survive a holiday season. We've created this video to help you combat holiday stress. Techniques and tips to manage stress, anxiety, insomnia. Stay calm during holidays and travel. How to sleep well. How to stick to your diet during holidays.

Introduction to astrology with Jim Kellner. Jim Kellner is a Speaker | Author | Hypnotist | Coach Visit:

Identify toxic people and energy vampires in your life. Recognize the signs. Learn how to deal with these people.

Healing, Tantra, Sorcery, Hypnosis. Chatting about energy healing, hypnosis, black magic with Henry Bond.

Energy healing demonstration. Tantra.

No-contact energetic massage

Conversational hypnosis demonstration. Hypnosis without trance. You can be hypnotized during a simple conversation.

Progressive muscle relaxation is a great way to relax and enter a trance state. It is a very popular technique among professional hypnotists. It's easy to do. It feels good! In this video, I show how I guide my client through a quick progressive muscle relaxation to induce a hypnotic trance.

What is the difference between a teacher and a healer? Why the healers are always sick? How healers take on other people's bad karma/ How healers waste away their health?

Notre Dame of Maryland University: School of Nursing What is Hypnosis and its Benefits

Hypnosis at Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Nursing

To-Do Lists and how to stay focused

How to manage anxiety and regain control in any situation. Why some people suffer in crisis and some thrive no matter what? Recognize the difference. This workshop was presented over Zoom for the Central Maryland Pagan Group. Guzalia Davis is sharing simple strategies for managing anxiety, fears, and staying in control even during a crisis.

Stay Focused especially when starting something new

Please listen to this, so you can remember just how important you are. You are important! You are needed! This world is a better place because of you!

Train your brain to go after your goals. A simple strategy to train your mind to enjoy going after your goals

Why men cannot aim into toilet? Snippet from the Awakening  Divine Feminine Workshop

How to meditate. Passive vs Active Meditation. Exploring Awesome Podcast with Kim Kellner

Handwriting Analysis

How to create a space for positive changes. Organize your home and you will organize your mind.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis with Lisa Hubbard

What is the easiest and most effective way to quit smoking? Does hypnosis really work? What happens during Smoking Cessation Hypnosis? Stop smoking easily with hypnosis with Norman Plotkin

Quit Smoking easily and effectively with Jim Kellner.

What is the easiest and most effective way to quit smoking? Does hypnosis really work? What happens during Smoking Cessation Hypnosis? Jim Kellner


Jim on TEDx

Comedy Hypnosis

The easiest way to stop smoking with Angel Blanco

Quit smoking the easiest and most effective way with hypnosis with Dave Ashg

Hypnosis for smokers with James Harrison

Quit Smoking Easily with Michelle Ayers

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis. How hypnosis works? Is it effective?

Quit smoking with Gail Webster


Quit smoking easily and quickly with Dan Hetrick

Quit Smoking with Jim Kellner