Caffeine Withdrawal Hypnosis Specialist

(This course is included free of charge in the Professional Hypnotist Certification Course)

Certification Mini-Course

Prerequisites: Hypnosis training is required. As a minimum, 40-hour standard hypnosis training.

There is no exam. Certificate of completion is issued by request: Caffeine Withdrawal Hypnosis Specialist

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Caffeine Wothdrawa Hypnosis Specialist certification course at International Hypnosis School
Caffeine Wothdrawa Hypnosis Specialist certification course at International Hypnosis School

This mini-course contains everything you may need for helping your clients to withdraw from caffeine in the most comfortable way.

1. Guide for Caffeine Withdrawal - lots of information that you can share with your clients! You can use this guide as a foundation for presentations and creating a recorded Caffeine Withdrawal Program.

2. 6-week Caffeine Withdrawal program outline.

3. All the forms that you may need: agreement, intake form, evaluation form.

4. Legal disclaimer draft.

5. Sales page draft for your website.

6. Hypnotic scripts package: 5 hypnotic scripts for caffeine withdrawal; induction and re-emergence.

7. Affirmations to share with your clients.

You will receive:

Governmental regulations that oversee hypnosis practice vary from country to country, and even state to state within the USA. It is up to you to check your local business regulations and practice within the law. At this time, in the USA, hypnotism is a self-regulating profession and requires no licensing.

Accreditation: International Hypnosis School is not accredited by any governmental body, just like most hypnosis schools. Hypnosis is a self-regulated profession and does not require any formal diploma or accreditation.

My goal is to pass on real knowledge that was acquired from real experience. No unnecessary fluff and useless fillers. Only real practical knowledge, so you can succeed as a professional hypnotist and build a thriving business in the real-world helping real people.

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