Hypnosis and Guided Meditation Scripts

These scripts are created for trained hypnotists/hypnotherapists and meditation facilitators.

All purchases are final and non-refundable.

Copyrighted material. You can use this script to work with your clients and to produce commercial recordings and YouTube videos, but you cannot re-publish it in written format or resell it as is.

Instant download.

Microsoft Docx format, so you will be able to type in your adjustments.

Please contact me if you are having trouble downloading your files. Email: guzaliadavis@gmail.com

*** All our courses include scripts. So, if you are planning to train with us, enroll in the course first, then see if you'll need additional scripts.

Overcome Fear of Flying

Pack of 4 hypnosis scripts


Stop Skin-Picking

Pack of 5 hypnosis scripts

$ 25

Hypnosis Inductions

Pack of 10 scripts

This is for you if you are ready to expand your professional toolbox with a fresh variety of inductions.


Overcome Fear of Driving Hypnosis Protocol:

  • Guide

  • 8 hypnotic scripts

  • Client intake form

Tobacco Chewing Cessation Hypnosis Protocol

  • Short Guide

  • 5 hypnosis scripts

  • Intake Questionnaire

$ 47

$ 47

Women's Healing Circle

Pack of 16

Guided Meditations Scripts

Centered around Womb Healing, New Moon/Full Moon, Sacred Feminine Awakening, Letting go of past relationships, and Manifestation. Tips for organizing the healing circle and for using scripts are included.

$ 47

Shamanic Practices:

Healing Light

Pack of 5 guided meditation scripts

$ 20

Empowered Masculinity

Pack of 18

Guided Meditations Scripts

Each script is designed to help men embark on a journey of personal growth, self-discovery, and inner strength. These scripts will not only benefit your clients but also empower you to design impactful programs and lead healing circles for men.

$ 47

Tantric Meditation Facilitator's Package

Who is this for? Meditation facilitators and yoga teachers. - Guide to Tantra Meditation: 18 pages PDF

10 Tantric meditation scripts

5 Deities Praise Prayers

5 Deities Prayer for help

$ 47