Anosmia Hypnosis Specialist

Certification Course

Prerequisites: Hypnosis training is required. As a minimum, 40-hour standard hypnosis training.

There is no exam. You will receive a certificate of completion: Certified Anosmia Hypnosis Specialist

Streamlined Accessibility: Gain instant access even from your smartphone.

Uninterrupted Access: Enjoy a full year of hassle-free file access, allowing you to retrieve your files countless times without the need to download them.

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(This course is included as a free bonus with the Professional Hypnotist Certification Course)


In this course you will learn:

  • How to screen potential clients

  • Effective pre-talk

  • Step-by-step session

  • How to customize the Anosmia hypnosis program for each client

You will receive:

  • Step-by-step guide

  • Hypnotic scripts

  • PDF hangouts to give your clients

  • Detox guideSmell training guide

  • Simple energy healing techniques to teach your clients to use in conjunction with hypnosis

  • Intake forms

Accreditation, regulations, and licensing:

Governmental regulations overseeing hypnosis practice vary by country and even within the USA, differing from state to state. It's your responsibility to ensure compliance with local business regulations. In the USA, hypnotism currently operates as a self-regulated profession without mandatory licensing.

In terms of accreditation, the International Hypnosis School, similar to others in this field, isn't accredited by governmental bodies. Hypnosis, being self-regulated, doesn't necessitate formal diplomas or accreditations. Accreditation from Hypnosis Associations doesn't hold any weight. Similarly, educational associations' accreditation lacks relevance in hypnosis knowledge.

Ultimately, it boils down to financial considerations. Pursuing accreditation incurs significant costs, which eventually get transferred to you. You might end up paying a premium for something that holds no value.

My aim is to impart authentic knowledge derived from genuine experiences. No superfluous content—just practical, valuable insights enabling you to thrive as a professional hypnotist and establish a successful business by genuinely assisting people in the real world.

Anosmia - the loss of the sense of smell

Approximately 1 in 8 Americans suffer from some kind of smell dysfunction.

It's whooping 13 million people.

Approximately 3 percent of Americans have no sense of smell at all.

It's such a widespread issue, yet there are very few resources available.

You can help your clients to recover their sense of smell or at least improve it to some degree. Even a small improvement makes a huge difference in the quality of life.

Happy students

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