Awaken the Warrior Within

aka Stop Being a Doormat

12 weeks program: 12 x 2-hour Zoom sessions

Are you too nice? How is it working out for you?

Are you that person who is nice to everyone no matter what and loves everyone no matter what? You are always surrounded by people. You are that sunshine that everyone needs. Your phone rings non-stop even in the middle of the night. Your home is always full of visitors. Except when YOU need help or when YOU are sick, then your phone is quiet, and no one wants to visit you.

Are you still making excuses for people who turned their back on you when YOU needed help the most? Next time they come around for something, you will give it to them because you are that nice person who loves everyone no matter what. You'll swallow your hurt feelings and pretend that everything is fine and will proceed with what you always do - pleasing people.

Since you are here now, I am assuming that you have realized that you cannot out-nice people, you cannot continuously give without getting anything back, and you no longer can be walked over and taken advantage of. Are you ready to leave that part of your life behind? It's okay not to be nice to people who treat you badly. Being nice is not a virtue. Being nice to bad people breeds more bad people. So, why are you taking part in making this world worse than it already is?

Norse God Odin said:

"Don't reward evil people with your kindness. If you do, all you'll have left is evil for when it's time to reward people who are kind to you. How will you repay for their kindness then?"

I am here to help you transform your life, and your relationships, including the most important relationship you'll ever have - with yourself. In just one month you can become much more confident, you will be able to stand up for yourself in the most uncomfortable situations, you will be able to say No kindly or not so kindly when the situation calls for it, and you will be able to spot manipulators and users before it's too late. I have helped already so many people to improve their lives, and now it's your turn to discover just how bright your future can be.

We will start with healing your old traumas and pain, releasing fears and doubts, and building confidence. The program employs a range of effective techniques, including coaching, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, body language behavioral modulation, voice modulation, and meditation.

In the course of twelve weeks, you will:
  • Learn to identify and disarm toxic people before they can cause any harm

  • Learn how to build and protect healthy boundaries

  • You'll master healthy strategic confrontations

  • You'll master verbal combat

  • You'll develop the skill of staying in control of your emotions

  • You'll become more confident and assertive

We will meet on Zoom every week for a 2-hour session: discussion, coaching, and hypnosis.

I intentionally keep this group small to ensure the best experience and transformation for each participant.

From now on

You will stop trying to numb yourself to the attacks and, instead, you will let them fuel you.

You'll start standing up for yourself at the level where all attacks will be perceived as opportunities.

You will take every stone that was thrown at you and build yourself a stairway to success.

Forget about "eye for an eye", you will take their entire head off and decorate your castle with it, so others can see too who you have become. (I am speaking metaphorically)

Just imagine what it would be like when instead of getting anxious from dealing with difficult people, you'll get a little "high" from showing these people where they belong.