Professional Hypnotist Certification Course

Master the Art of Hypnosis and Build a Rewarding Career

Welcome to the Professional Hypnotist Certification Course, your gateway to a fulfilling career and profound personal transformation. My name is Guzalia Davis, a passionate hypnotist, NLP Master, and Certified Hypnosis Trainer.

Are you yearning for a career that ignites your passion and provides financial freedom? Do you crave a deeper understanding of the human mind and the power of subconscious transformation? You're not alone. Countless individuals are seeking a path to self-actualization and meaningful work. Traditional career paths often fall short, leaving people feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from their true purpose.

The Professional Hypnotist Certification Course is your bridge to a transformative experience. This course adheres to the highest standards set by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ICBCH).

Many of our students have previously undergone hypnosis training in other schools and obtained a "certification" in hypnotherapy. However, their training has left them lacking the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently establish a hypnotherapy practice and effectively assist others. If you're done trying to learn hypnotherapy from people who have never worked with a single client or gained real-world experience in the field, you are at the right place. I can guarantee that with my training you will become a hypnotist! You will not just "learn hypnosis", you will become a hypnotist in the truest sense.

Here's my straightforward methodology:

Step 1: THEORY lays a robust foundation, ensuring you understand the fundamentals.

Step 2: EXPERIENCE hypnosis firsthand, allowing you to process information, undergo personal transformation, and rewire your neurology.

Step 3: PRACTICE immediately puts your newfound knowledge and skills into action. Only through practice, you can gain valuable work experience and confidence.

No fluff, no empty promises—just genuine, practical knowledge and skills to excel in the field of hypnotherapy.

Adaptive Learning:

Tailoring Your Journey to Hypnosis Mastery

In my online school, I understand the diverse needs and preferences of each aspiring hypnotist. That's why I've personally crafted courses that prioritize flexibility, recognizing that your unique schedule and learning style matter. Welcome to a learning environment where adaptability isn’t just an option; it's the heart of our hypnosis training.

Crafting Your Path

I believe that learning should fit your rhythm. That's why my courses offer various options, allowing you to design your journey according to what suits you best. Whether you thrive in self-paced online learning or prefer the live interaction of Zoom classes and engaging student practice sessions, I offer flexibility so you can pursue your passion for hypnosis on your terms.

From Study to Mastery

Studying hypnosis is one thing, but becoming a genuine hypnotist is an immersive experience. While many avenues provide theoretical knowledge, I recognize the profound difference between learning about hypnosis and embodying its essence. My approach combines theory, hands-on experience, and immediate real-world application to ensure a deep understanding and practical mastery.

Rewiring Your Neurology: Unveiling Mastery

Hypnosis isn’t just a skill; it's an art that demands immersion. Through my courses, I guide you through a strategic blend of theory, direct experience with hypnosis, and immediate practice. This unique method aims to rewire your neurological patterns, making linguistic patterns a natural part of your being, ultimately transforming you into a genuine hypnotist.

Nurturing Practitioners

My mission goes beyond teaching; it's about nurturing practitioners who embody the essence of hypnotism. By engaging in my flexible learning modules, you'll undergo a holistic transformation. It’s not just about learning; it’s about evolving into a hypnotist who intuitively understands and applies the principles of hypnosis.

I understand the significance of your journey. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about your evolution from a student to a master of hypnosis. Join me on this transformative path, where your unique needs and dedication converge to unlock the hypnotist within.

What you will gain:

Mastery of Hypnosis: Immerse yourself in bite-sized lessons designed for optimal absorption and retention. Learn powerful techniques for inducing trance, fostering positive change, and empowering clients to achieve their goals.

Personal Transformation: This course transcends mere skill development. It's a journey of evolution, where you'll experience enhanced mindfulness, laser-focused attention, amplified confidence, and improved sleep patterns.

Fulfilling Career: Gain the tools and certification needed to launch a thriving hypnotherapy practice. Help others overcome challenges, improve their lives, and build a rewarding career filled with purpose and abundance.


Become a Certified Hypnotist: Earn the credentials and confidence to confidently practice hypnotherapy.

Experience Personal Growth: Discover new layers of self-awareness, cultivate inner peace, and unlock your full potential.

Build a Rewarding Career: Help others achieve their goals while enjoying financial freedom and personal satisfaction.

Most common questions

No experience is necessary. There are no prerequisites for taking this course.

I guarantee that by the end of this course, you will be able to hypnotize and help people resolve common issues. You will have enough skills to start your own thriving hypnosis business. You will be able to help your clients overcome everyday challenges.

What is included in the course:

There have been a few additions to the course since I've recorded this video. You will be able to see every file included in the course hub on Podia before enrolling.

  • Study online at your own pace - you can acquire a new profession from the comfort of your home.

  • Complete assignments after each class - to practice the new skills and trigger a personal transformation.

  • Attend live Zoom classes and meetings.

  • Get ongoing support in our private Facebook group and practice your skills with other students.

In this course you will learn:

  • Effective intake interviews with clients

  • Hypnotic Inductions

  • Deepening of the hypnotic state

  • How to create hypnotic amnesia

  • Levels of hypnotic trance

  • Trance termination

  • Ericksonian/Conversational/Covert Hypnosis

  • Coaching

  • Rapport building

  • Profiling like a spy!

  • Face reading

  • Handwriting analysis

  • How to work with hypnotic scripts and create them on your own

  • How to work with clients online and in an office

  • How to run private and group sessions

Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a printable certificate with the designation of your choice:

  • Certified Hypnotist

  • Certified Consulting Hypnotist

  • Certified Professional Hypnotist

2 FREE Specialized Hypnotherapy Certifications ($699 Value!):

Master smoking cessation and hypnosis for anosmia with these exclusive bonus courses, included at no additional cost.

Turn Your Hypnotherapy Skills into Thriving Services with Ready-to-Use Protocols!

No More From-Scratch Prep: Launch Lucrative Hypnotherapy Services with Ready-to-Use Protocols

Unlock a treasure trove of pre-built guides, scripts, forms, and marketing materials for top-demand niches. Individual certificates are included for each specialty!

Hit the Ground Running: Skip time-consuming protocol creation and dive straight into serving clients with these comprehensive frameworks.

Confidently Expand Your Reach: Tackle in-demand areas like behavior transformation, fear management, sleep improvement, and more, all with proven protocols.

Save Precious Time and Resources: Free yourself from administrative burdens with ready-made intake forms, agreements, and even marketing materials.

Boost Your Professional Credibility: Stand out with specialized certificates in each niche, demonstrating your expertise to potential clients.

All-Done-For-You Protocols:

Behavior Transformation Mastery Hypnosis & Coaching: Empower clients to break self-limiting patterns and achieve lasting change.

Hypnosis & Coaching for Over-Givers: Guide clients in setting healthy boundaries and reclaiming their energy.

Assertiveness Training Coaching: Help clients confidently express their needs and navigate difficult conversations.

Hypnosis & Coaching for Content Creators & Public Speakers: Unleash creative flow and conquer stage fright for impactful presentations.

Hypnosis & Coaching for Sleep: DreamWeaver Protocol: Facilitate restful sleep and unlock the power of lucid dreaming.

Fear of Driving: Help clients overcome anxiety behind the wheel for safer, more enjoyable journeys.

Fear of Flying: Soar above anxieties and transform air travel into a stress-free experience.

Caffeine Withdrawal: Ease withdrawal symptoms and navigate the transition to a caffeine-free lifestyle.

Weight Management: Support clients in developing healthy habits and achieving sustainable weight loss goals.

Learn hypnosis techniques to break bad habits, build confidence, and embrace change

Hypnosis is a very powerful and effective tool. There are many applications of hypnosis. Hypnosis is helpful in overcoming unwanted habits and fears. It is very effective in managing stress, sleep, and pain. With the help of hypnosis, you can improve your academic and sports achievements. Hypnosis can help you mend your heart after a painful breakup.

These are just a few examples of issues hypnosis can help you overcome:

  • Anger Management

  • Fear of Public Speaking

  • Fear of Flight

  • Blushing

  • Pain Management

  • Confidence

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Nighttime Incontinence

  • Sports Performance

  • Hot Flushes (Menopause)

  • Trichotillomania (Pulling Hair Out)

  • Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ear)

  • PTSD

  • Fears

Master Hypnosis and Help Others Conquer Everyday Challenges
  • Chronic Pain

  • Unwanted Habits

  • Sleep Management

  • Stress Management

  • Academic Improvement

  • Nail Biting

  • Low Libido/ED/PE

  • Porn Addiction

  • Bruxism

  • Stuttering

  • Personal Sleep Coach

  • Fear of Public Speaking

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Weight Loss

You will receive:

  • Manual

  • Video classes (Lots of them!)

  • Video demos

  • Hypnotic scripts (lots of them!)

  • Step-by-step outline for your hypnosis sessions

  • A guide for setting up your practice/business legally

  • Marketing Guide

  • Workshop for creating your own Signature programs, classes, and courses

  • Workshop for creating active and passive streams of income with the learned skills

  • Client's intake forms templates.

  • Emails drafts.

  • Scheduling, payment, and cancellation policy drafts.

  • Text drafts for your website

It's a hypnosis course that meets the golden standard criteria and follows all the guidance from the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ICBCH)

Golden Standard


Happy students

👉 Ready to start your transformative journey?

Professional Hypnotist Certification Course

Two options to choose from: Self-Paced Learning and Hybrid Learning

Self-Paced Learning

This is for you if prefer independent learning

  • Self-study with readily available materials

  • 6 months of weekly Zoom meetings for ongoing support: every Friday at 12 noon EST

  • Ongoing support in our Facebook community

  • 1-year access to the course hub and technical support

  • 1-hour private appointment: exam and consultation

Four payments of $355 (4 x $355) or a single payment of $1,350

By enrolling in the course, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service

Hybrid Learning

This is for you If you prefer live interaction, practice opportunities, and a structured learning environment.

  • Self-study with readily available materials

  • 6 months of weekly Zoom meetings for ongoing support: every Friday at 12 noon EST

  • Ongoing support in our Facebook community

  • 1-year access to the course hub and technical support

  • 1-hour private appointment: exam and consultation

  • 12 Live classes and healing sessions are usually scheduled at 12 noon EST on Saturdays or Sundays

    (replays will be available)

  • 12 practice sessions with peers

Ten payments of $350 (10 x $350) or a single payment of $3,000

By enrolling in the course, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service

Registration for live training is currently closed.

The spring session will come to a close in April.

Stay tuned for the upcoming session scheduled for September through November.

Self-Paced Learning
Hybrid Learning
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Self-Paced Study vs Hybrid Learning

If this is your first visit here and we haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting, allow me to introduce you to our "test drive":

Enjoy a complimentary assortment of training and healing sessions, completely free of charge and with no obligation.

Please note that your opportunity to fully immerse yourself in this experience is limited; once you log in, you'll have access for only 24 hours. Understanding the common tendency to procrastinate without a set deadline, I've carefully chosen this time frame. My intention is for you to fully embrace and benefit from this training, as I've put my heart into crafting it for your enjoyment.

If you are not sure if this course is right for you, call 443 - 599 - 8488 or schedule a 15-minute strategy call in the form below

Accreditation, regulations, and licensing:

Governmental regulations overseeing hypnosis practice vary by country and even within the USA, differing from state to state. It's your responsibility to ensure compliance with local business regulations. In the USA, hypnotism currently operates as a self-regulated profession without mandatory licensing.

In terms of accreditation, the International Hypnosis School, similar to others in this field, isn't accredited by governmental bodies. Hypnosis, being self-regulated, doesn't necessitate formal diplomas or accreditations. Accreditation from Hypnosis Associations doesn't hold any weight. Similarly, educational associations' accreditation lacks relevance in hypnosis knowledge.

Ultimately, it boils down to financial considerations. Pursuing accreditation incurs significant costs, which eventually get transferred to you. You might end up paying a premium for something that holds no value.

My aim is to impart authentic knowledge derived from genuine experiences. No superfluous content—just practical, valuable insights enabling you to thrive as a professional hypnotist and establish a successful business by genuinely assisting people in the real world.

Questions about the courses

Can you be hypnotized?

Frequently Asked Questions

What certification is required for starting a hypnosis business?

Launching a hypnosis business in the USA doesn't come with a checklist of required certifications. Unlike many professions, hypnotism is a self-regulated field, meaning there's no overseeing governmental body mandating specific certifications or licenses for practitioners. Put plainly, if you possess the knowledge and skills, you're not bound by any certification prerequisites to kickstart your hypnosis venture.

However, it's crucial to stay informed as legal landscapes can swiftly change, and regulations may differ from state to state. To ensure compliance and stay on the right side of the law, it's wise to check your state's regulations periodically. So, while the path to starting a hypnosis business is refreshingly unburdened by certification requirements, keeping abreast of regional legal nuances is your key to a smooth journey.

Which course should I pick? How do I know which course is right for me?

Navigating the sea of available hypnosis courses can indeed be overwhelming, and succumbing to the allure of one course after another may not be the most strategic approach. Instead of amassing certificates, focus on a deliberate plan for your hypnosis practice.

Consider the following business models and choose the path that aligns with your goals:

1. Entertainment - Comedy Hypnosis: Ideal for those who enjoy captivating audiences through hypnotic entertainment. Courses in this niche often emphasize showmanship and crowd engagement.

2. Hypnosis Audio Recording Production: Suited for individuals interested in creating and selling hypnotic audio content. Courses may cover scripting, recording techniques, and marketing strategies.

3. Offering One-on-One Services: Tailored for those aiming to provide personalized hypnosis sessions. Look for courses focusing on client interaction, therapeutic techniques, and ethical practices.

4. Offering Corporate Services: Geared towards individuals wanting to integrate hypnosis into corporate wellness programs. Courses may delve into stress management, performance enhancement, and team building.

5. Publishing - Writing Books or Scripts: For aspiring authors interested in sharing their knowledge through books, self-help guides, or hypnosis scripts. Courses may cover writing skills, publishing processes, and marketing strategies.

6. Education - Teaching Hypnosis: Suited for those who aspire to educate others in the field of hypnosis. Look for courses emphasizing instructional techniques, curriculum development, and mentorship.

Remember, it's crucial to align your chosen path with your personal interests and career goals. Don't hesitate to narrow down your focus or explore a combination of niches. When selecting a course, prioritize teachers with expertise in the specific area you aim to pursue. Learning from a seasoned professional who shares your aspirations ensures a more targeted and valuable educational experience. So, before diving into the course frenzy, define your business model and select a path that resonates with your vision for a successful hypnosis practice.

Can anyone learn hypnosis?

Absolutely, anyone can learn hypnosis, and the beauty of it lies in its accessibility to individuals from all walks of life.

What are the prerequisites for taking hypnosis courses?

There are none. No high degree diploma is required. No one will even ask for your high school diploma.

1. No Formal Education Requirement: There are no formal education prerequisites. You don't need a high degree diploma, and nobody will inquire about your high school credentials.

2. Open to All: Hypnosis courses are inclusive and welcome individuals from diverse educational backgrounds and experiences.

What is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Regarding the distinction between hypnosis and hypnotherapy:

1. Interchangeable Usage: In some states, the terms "hypnosis" and "hypnotherapy," as well as "hypnotist" and "hypnotherapist," are used interchangeably, signifying the same practice.

2. State-Specific Variations: In many states, the title "hypnotherapist" may be reserved for licensed professionals such as psychologists or psychiatrists. This is a state-specific regulation, and it's essential to be aware of and adhere to local guidelines.

3. Choosing Designation: It's advisable to opt for the designation of "hypnotist" in regions where the terms are used interchangeably. This title is generally more accessible and aligns with the practice of hypnosis without the additional professional licensing requirements.

What are the letters after the hypnotist's name mean?

You must be wondering about the alphabet soup that follows a hypnotist's name. You might encounter designations like CH and Cht, signifying certified hypnotists or hypnotherapists. The dilemma for new hypnotists often centers around choosing the right designation—Certified Hypnotist, Consulting Hypnotist, Professional Hypnotist—yet, here's the revelation: clients don't lose sleep over it.

In reality, those letters and titles may seem like a big deal to budding hypnotists, but clients couldn't care less. What matters to them is resolving their issues and alleviating their pain, not the fancy acronyms after your name.

Save yourself the hassle of obsessing over the perfect title and focus on what truly counts: proper education and hands-on experience. Drawing from personal experience, I once adorned my office wall with over 50 diplomas, certifications, and awards—making quite an impressive display. However, not a single client spared a glance. The stark truth: clients don't inspect your certificates; they want results.

So, let go of the title anxiety, concentrate on honing your skills, and watch as your clients appreciate the tangible outcomes you deliver, not the fancy letters on your business card.

How long does it take to learn hypnosis?

The duration to learn hypnosis can vary based on your intended usage of the skill. Here's a breakdown:

1. Foundations and Basic Skills: You can acquire foundational knowledge and basic hypnotic skills, enabling you to hypnotize yourself in just a few hours. My self-hypnosis workshop is only 2 hours long, and that is sufficient.

2. Standard Basic Professional Hypnotist Certification: For a general professional certification, around 40 hours of study is commonly required. This level equips you to assist clients with common issues like weight management, fears, and habits.

3. Advanced Professional Hypnotist Certification: If you aim for advanced certification, expect a program that spans for additional 60 hours. This level delves deeper into more complex hypnosis protocols, such as regression or parts therapy.

4. Specialization Courses: Specialized courses, focusing on areas like smoking cessation, past life regression, or sports performance improvement, typically have prerequisites in basic hypnosis skills.

5. Example: HMI (Hypnosis Motivational Institute): Institutions like HMI in California may offer a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, requiring a more extensive commitment of 720 hours.

Ultimately, the time investment depends on your goals and the depth of knowledge you wish to attain. A 40-hour program might be sufficient for basic practice, while longer programs provide a more comprehensive understanding of hypnosis and its applications. Consider your intended use of hypnosis, and choose a program that aligns with your goals and desired level of expertise.

If I take your course, will I be eligible to get certified with other hypnosis organizations, boards, guilds, etc?

No. Each hypnosis organization, board, or guild typically issues certificates exclusively for the courses they offer. If your goal is to attain certification from a particular organization, it's necessary to complete their designated course.

How do I pick the right strategy to enter the hypnosis industry?

Choosing the right strategy to enter the hypnosis industry is a crucial decision, and seeking guidance from experienced professionals is an excellent approach. Here are some steps to help you pick the right strategy:

1. Identify Your Interests: Determine which aspect of the hypnosis industry aligns with your passions and goals. Whether it's entertainment, therapy, education, or another niche, clarity on your interests will guide your strategy.

2. Research and Education: Conduct thorough research on the different branches of hypnosis. Understand the skills, certifications, and knowledge required for each. Consider enrolling in courses or workshops to gain foundational knowledge.

3. Consult with Experienced Hypnotists: Seek advice from experienced hypnotists in the specific field you're interested in. Reach out to professionals who have successfully established themselves in that niche. Their insights can be invaluable in shaping your strategy.

4. Gather Multiple Opinions: Don't rely on a single opinion. Consult with multiple experienced hypnotists to gain diverse perspectives. Each professional may offer unique insights that contribute to a well-rounded understanding of the industry.

5. Networking: Attend industry events and conferences, or join online forums to connect with other hypnotists. Networking provides opportunities to learn from others' experiences, ask questions, and build relationships within the community.

6. Consider Market Demand: Assess the demand for your chosen niche in the market. Is there a need for your services? Understanding the market dynamics will influence your strategy and business decisions.

7. Evaluate Your Skills and Resources: Reflect on your existing skills, resources, and strengths. Consider how these align with your chosen niche. This evaluation will help you tailor your strategy to leverage your unique attributes.

8. Trial and Adapt: Be open to experimentation and adapt your strategy based on feedback and results. The industry evolves, and your strategy may need adjustments along the way.

The hypnosis industry is very diverse, and there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. By consulting with experienced hypnotists, gathering multiple opinions, and staying informed, you'll be better equipped to choose a strategy that aligns with your goals and sets you on a path to success in the hypnosis industry.

What does it take to start offering hypnosis services to the public?

1. Hypnosis Knowledge and Skills: Acquire proper knowledge and skills in hypnosis. This may involve completing a reputable hypnosis course, gaining hands-on experience, and continually updating your skills.

2. Desire to Help People: Cultivate a genuine desire to help people through hypnosis. Empathy and a client-centered approach are essential for building trust and fostering positive outcomes.

3. Business Registration and Tax Setup: Register your hypnosis business according to the requirements of your state or local authorities. Set up a tax account to ensure compliance with tax regulations.

4. Service Delivery Setup: Arrange the necessary tools for delivering your services. For virtual appointments, you'll need a computer and a reliable internet connection. For in-person sessions, secure a suitable space or office.

5. Online Presence: Create a visible online presence to make your services easily accessible. This includes:

  • Website: Develop a professional website detailing your services, expertise, and contact information.

  • Google Maps: List your business on Google Maps to enhance local visibility.

  • Social Media: Establish a presence on social media platforms relevant to your target audience.

6. Marketing Strategies: Actively market your hypnosis services to attract clients. Consider a mix of online and offline strategies, such as:

  • Digital Marketing: Utilize online advertising, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Networking: Attend local events, collaborate with other professionals, and build a network within the community.

  • Referral Programs: Encourage satisfied clients to refer others by implementing referral programs.

7. Legal Considerations: Familiarize yourself with any legal requirements related to offering hypnosis services in your location. This may include obtaining any necessary licenses or adhering to specific regulations.

8. Client Communication and Documentation: Establish effective communication channels with clients and develop a system for documentation. Clear communication and proper record-keeping contribute to a professional and organized practice.

Building a successful hypnosis practice takes time and effort. Consistent marketing, ongoing education, and a commitment to client well-being are integral to establishing a reputable and thriving hypnosis service for the public.

Why there is such a huge price range for the hypnosis courses?

The significant price range for hypnosis courses can be attributed to various factors, and it often reflects the value the facilitator places on the course and the associated investments. Here are some key considerations that contribute to the price range:

1. Live In-Person Courses: Courses conducted in a physical space incur substantial expenses such as venue rent, insurance, printed materials (manuals, DVDs), and provisions like food and drinks for students. These costs are factored into the course price.

2. Live Online Courses: Online courses, while eliminating certain physical expenses, still require the facilitator's time to create and run the course. The price may reflect the facilitator's valuation of their time and expertise.

3. Time and Opportunity Cost: Facilitators, especially those with private practices or other commitments, may factor in the opportunity cost of dedicating time to course creation and delivery. The price reflects the value of the time they could otherwise spend on client sessions, mentoring, writing, and other activities.

4. Pre-Recorded Courses: Courses that are pre-recorded and offered asynchronously generally have lower price points. They require an upfront investment of time for creation but have minimal ongoing maintenance needs.

5. Expertise and Reputation: Courses developed and delivered by renowned experts in the field may command higher prices due to the perceived value of learning from a recognized authority.

6. Course Content and Depth: The comprehensiveness and depth of the course content can influence pricing. Courses that cover advanced techniques or include additional resources may justify a higher cost.

7. Support and Mentorship: Courses that offer ongoing support, mentorship, or live interaction with the facilitator may be priced higher to account for the additional resources and time commitment.

Do you offer one-on-one training?

Yes. My standard hourly rate is $250

Will I be able to accept insured clients once I'm certified?

As a certified hypnotist without a license in medical or mental health care, you won't be able to accept insured clients. Insurance companies typically cover services provided by licensed professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, or medical practitioners. Hypnosis services are generally considered alternative or complementary and fall outside the scope of insurance coverage.

It's important to communicate to your clients that your hypnosis business operates on a cash basis. In this context, clients pay for services directly rather than relying on insurance reimbursement. Clarifying that your practice is not covered by insurance avoids any potential misunderstandings regarding payment and coverage.

Can I see clients in my home?

I know many hypnotists who successfully work from home. I in the past occasionally have seen clients in my home. While working from home may have many perks, I would strongly advise against it.

Here are just a few reasons why you should not invite your clients into your home:

1. Safety Concerns: Safety should be a top priority. Inviting strangers into your home can pose risks to both you and your clients.

2. Boundary Issues: Conducting sessions at home can blur professional boundaries, impacting the therapeutic relationship and the perceived professionalism of your practice.

3. Inconvenience for Family: Working from home can disrupt your family's routine and privacy, creating inconveniences for those sharing the space.

4. Neighbor Concerns: Neighbors may become uncomfortable or raise concerns about clients coming and going from your home.

5. Cleanliness and Odors: Dealing with clients' shoes, odors, and potential messes, especially from smokers, can be challenging to manage in a home setting.

6. Strangers Using Personal Spaces: Allowing clients access to personal spaces like your bathroom raises issues of privacy and comfort.

7. Professional Perception: Seeing clients at home may impact how you are perceived professionally, potentially diminishing the perceived success and professionalism of your practice.

8. Appointment Duration Control: Appointments at home may last longer than planned, making it challenging to maintain a structured schedule.

9. Boundary and Privacy Issues: Some clients may not understand or respect boundaries, leading to unexpected and intrusive behavior.

Given these considerations, offering virtual hypnosis sessions via platforms like Zoom, Skype, or other video conferencing tools is a more secure and professional alternative. This approach allows you to maintain a professional setting while providing convenience for both you and your clients.

I want to see clients online but I am worried that it may not be as effective.

Virtual sessions are just as effective as in-person ones when conducted properly.

1. Voice-Based Modality: Hypnosis is primarily a voice-based modality. As long as your client can hear and understand you clearly, the effectiveness of hypnosis remains intact.

2. Client Perception: Convincing clients of the effectiveness of virtual hypnosis is a common challenge. Providing testimonials, explaining the process, and ensuring a comfortable online environment can help address their concerns.

3. Adaptability: Learning and emphasizing the skills needed for successful virtual appointments is crucial. As the world evolves, adapting to online platforms becomes a valuable asset.

4. Training Emphasis: I emphasize teaching the skills for virtual sessions in my courses. It prepares hypnotists to seamlessly transition between online and in-person sessions, ensuring adaptability in the face of changing circumstances.

6. Practice Both Modalities: Practicing both online and in-person sessions from the beginning is a strategic approach. It not only prepares hypnotists for any transition but also allows them to adapt their business to global and personal life changes more easily.

As technology advances and remote communication becomes more prevalent, the ability to conduct effective virtual hypnosis sessions is becoming increasingly important. By embracing this shift and honing the skills necessary for online sessions, hypnotists can continue to offer their services in a changing world.

What is the earning potential for a starting hypnotist?

Just like with any business, it all depends on your skill level, the local market if you are offering local services, how many streams of income you'll create with your hypnosis practice, the amount of effort you put into the marketing...

It's important to understand that getting your training and certification is the easiest part. What you'll do afterward that what really matters. I personally know people that got great training and have not seen a single client. I know many hypnotists who even after many years were not able to pass part-time earnings. I also know hypnotists that have created 6-figure incomes for themselves.

If you are just starting out:

  • Don't quit your day job just yet.

  • Take your business seriously.

  • Strategize carefully.

  • Devote enough time to build your hypnosis practice

  • Create content to promote your services - videos, audio, articles... People don't know who you are, your content is the best way to show it.

  • Market like your life depends on it.

If you dream of having your own business because you think you'll have to work less than with a regular job, then it's not for you. Growing any business takes a lot of work. It's not for everyone. If it was easy, everyone would have a business, but that's not the case.

It may take a full year to build your full-time practice. But there's no limit to how much you can grow your income over time, especially when you'll start adding passive income streams as with writing books about hypnosis or selling hypnosis and meditation audio programs.

Hourly fees for hypnosis services in the USA: $45 - $275

I am located in Maryland, and I charge $250 for 1-hour or $500 for 2-hour sessions. My current rate (2024) for smoking cessation is $1200 (in Maryland, USA).

Private and group hypnosis and coaching packages come in a diverse range, varying both in duration and cost. Typically, my pre-recorded and live group programs span from $99 to $3,500, and on occasion, I sell live customized packages reaching up to $10,000. Additionally, I have a select group of clients who prefer a more flexible arrangement – they come back on their own schedule, ranging from 1 to 4 times per month. This flexible model has consistently generated substantial monthly income over the years. This illustrates that building a full-time income through hypnosis is indeed achievable. Moreover, the potential grows even more when incorporating books and digital products to establish passive income streams.