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Shamanic Healing Practitioner

Certification Course


I'm Guzalia Davis—a seasoned professional in hypnosis, NLP Master, Educator, and, in the truest sense, a Shaman by blood (check credentials)

I have designed this course with the aim of providing you with a universal framework that seamlessly adapts to any belief system, spiritual tradition, or lineage. Every client you encounter carries a unique story and background, and now, you'll possess the flexibility to effortlessly align with their worldview, enhancing the effectiveness of your work.

Embrace Growth Together: Explore practical skills for personal and professional transformation, grounded in a spirit of open-mindedness and respect for diverse perspectives.

Expand your toolkit: This program is ideal for individuals with existing practices in Yoga, Wellness, Healing, Metaphysical/Esoteric fields, or Hypnosis seeking to deepen their knowledge and skills.

Distinguish your approach: Learn true Shamanism, distinct from Native American religion. We focus on imparting practical skillsets rather than religious doctrines.

Not for everyone: This program isn't for those seeking superficial theatrics or quick fixes. It's for dedicated individuals committed to authentic self-discovery and skill development.

Invest in genuine growth: Stop searching for empty promises. Learn from a proven practitioner with a dedicated community of committed students. If you are seeking to acquire real knowledge and practical skills, and to truly become a Shaman (not just pretend to be one), you are in the right place! This is as real as it gets. Join our students' community and talk to the practitioners who trained with me:

If you are feeling lost and can't figure out how to unlock your healing gifts and apply them in the real world, this course might be just what you need.

Throughout this course, you will:

  • Start with your personal healing - you cannot heal others without healing yourself first.

  • Expand your consciousness and your reality

  • Trigger major life transformation

  • Gain practical knowledge and skills that are applicable in real life with real people

By the successful completion of the exam, you will receive these certifications:

  • Certified Shamanic Healing Practitioner

  • Certified Shamanic Soul Journey Facilitator

  • Certified Shamanic Soul Retrieval Facilitator

  • Certified Meditation Facilitator

  • Grounding Meditation Teacher

What is included in the course

What you will learn:
  • Shamanic Philosophy and Model of the World

  • Ethics and boundaries

  • How to facilitate Meditation, Shamanic Journey, and Soul Retrieval safely and effectively

  • How to facilitate Shamanic Healing in one-on-one and group sessions, in-person, and remotely (online)

  • Shamanic Energy Healing, Hands-on Healing, and Sorcery

  • How to facilitate Ancestral Healing

  • Trancework, Meditation, and Basic Hypnosis skills

  • Self-care

Course Curriculum:
  • Introduction to Shamanism, Shamanic Philosophy, and the Model of the World

  • Initiation onto Shamanic Path

  • Shamanic Journey and Soul Retrieval

  • Shamanic Energy Healing

  • Shamanic Hands-on Healing and Sorcery

  • Trancework

  • Types of Meditation

  • Shamanic practices for daily self-care

  • Shadow Work

  • Spirit Animal

  • Fall Rites

  • Samhain

  • Spring Rites

  • Introduction to Sacred Herbs of Spring, Magical Cooking & Gardening

  • Shamanic Practice: Submergence into Earth

  • Shamanic Death Ritual

  • Personal safety

  • How to protect your home

  • Lots of Soul Journeys and healing sessions for you

    .... and much more!

Text files include:
  • Manual

  • Original scripts: guided meditations, Shamanic practices, Soul Journeys, Soul Retrieval (licensing rights included, permitting you to create and distribute commercial recordings)

  • A guide for setting up your practice/business legally

  • Marketing Guide for creating active and passive streams of income with the learned skills

  • Step-by-step outline for your sessions

  • Ready-to-use hypnosis and meditation scripts

  • 3 scripted workshops to help you get ready to present for groups

  • Client's intake forms templates.

Ready to enroll?

Instant access: fully pre-recorded classes, study at your own pace.

1-year access to the course hub (you can download the files to keep them permanently)

Live Zoom meetings for ongoing support (optional): every Friday at 12 noon Eastern Time (group healing sessions, techniques, and protocols demos). 12 weeks of access at no extra charge.

Free membership in our private Facebook Group for ongoing support and practice with peers.

$800 (or 4 monthly payments of $220) is non-refundable.

By enrolling in the course, you are agreeing to the terms of the services


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Regulations, Accreditation, and Licensing:

The regulations governing Shamanic or traditional healing methods and hypnosis practices vary across countries and within the USA, differing by state. Ensuring compliance with local business regulations is your responsibility. Presently in the USA, both hypnosis and healing operate as self-regulated professions without mandatory licensing.

Governmental bodies do not regulate or accredit shamanic or traditional healing modalities. Accreditation in the field of hypnosis, including institutions like the International Hypnosis School, lacks recognition from governmental bodies. Hypnosis, being self-regulated, doesn't demand formal diplomas or accreditations. Neither accreditation from Hypnosis Associations nor from educational bodies holds any weight.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue accreditation comes down to financial implications. The cost associated with accreditation is passed on to you, resulting in paying much more for something that adds no value. Can you imagine shelling out an extra $1000 for this course just for accreditation that essentially holds no real value?

My goal remains centered on delivering genuine knowledge drawn from real experiences. No fluff, just practical and valuable insights to help you thrive as a healer, enabling you to genuinely assist individuals and build a successful business in the real world.

This course will NOT teach you Native American Religion. Technically speaking, Native American Religion is not Shamanism. Shamanism and Native American Religion are NOT the same. Native American tribes don't even have the word "Shaman" in their language. Only a few Northern tribes practice Shamanism.

The word Shaman originated in the Tungus language, in Siberia. Shamanism is dated over 40,000 years ago - long before the existence of Native American tribes (26,000 years ago). Shamanism is practiced all over the world, on every continent, by every race, and by every nation.

Siberian Shamanism is believed to be the oldest form of Shamanism. Later, Shamanism was amalgamated with Islam and Buddhism but there are surviving traditions among the Siberian Tatars, Tuvans, and Tofalar. I am a Siberian Tatar.

Drawing from a rich ancestral lineage of healers, I can assure you that Shamanism is not a religious belief, an inherent gift, a mystical power transmitted through blood, or a supernatural ability; rather, it is a finely honed skill set. What may appear as a miraculous talent to some is, in reality, the product of countless lifetimes of dedication, extensive study, arduous effort, and unwavering commitment.

Knowledge is a treasure that is accessible to all who earnestly seek it. Your innate gifts and potential can be unlocked solely through the pursuit of knowledge and dedicated effort. No one will simply bestow these gifts upon you; they must be earned through diligence and perseverance.

Embrace your uniqueness, acknowledge your extraordinary gifts, and recognize your inherent power. These attributes are yours to claim, but they won't be handed to you. You are truly special, gifted, and powerful – now, it's time to take ownership of your potential and shine.

Will there be a chance to practice with peers the techniques taught?

Yes! Join our students' support group on Facebook and attend weekly live Zoom Meetups. You can exchange practice sessions with peers in our Facebook group.

Is there any support offered after the course?

Yes! I am available to you for further assistance. You can reach me by email or call. Join our Facebook group and attend weekly Zoom meetings for ongoing support.

What is the teacher's lineage?


What if I am aligned with a different lineage?

It does not matter. I am teaching techniques that can be implemented by anyone, even without any background in Shamanism. The protocol I have developed works even if you or your client don't believe in Shamanism. Look at it as a therapeutic tool.

Will this course help me to prepare for work with groups?

The protocols I share are suitable for working one-on-one, with groups, in the office setting, remotely online, or outside in nature. A set of three themed scripted workshops is included in the course's files. Download to your computer, type in your adjustments, print, and you will be ready to present to the public.

I am a hypnotherapist looking to implement Shamanic Soul Retrieval in my hypnotherapy practice.

This course will be perfect for you. The whole hypnotic protocol is outlined and hypnotic scripts are included ready for you to implement in your hypnosis sessions.

I don't have an office. Will I be able to offer this service online?

Absolutely! We are using hypnotic language. It doesn't matter whether you are sitting next to the client or working via Zoom or Skype. It's just as effective. You can build a successful business working from home without ever needing to rent an office. You can rent by the hour a larger space to run group events: yoga studio, conference room, classroom...

What is the earning potential for the skill you are teaching?

Depends on many factors: your local market, demand, and how proactive you are in promoting your services. For comparison, I charge $195-250 per 1-hour long private session and $35 - $45 per person for group events (in Maryland). I also get passive income from my audio recordings. I share all of it in the course and our Business Bootcamp: how to set up your business, how to promote it, how to create your own products and programs, and how to set up passive income streams.

What is the time commitment needed for studying this course?

Study at your pace. Some students feel confident in implementing learned skills in their work with clients quickly. They pass exams within just a few days. Some students take months. Although the course has lots of materials, not all materials are required for the study. There are some sections that are designed to help you start a business and promote your services. Live weekly classes are optional.

Can I practice Shamanism if I am religious?

Shamanism is not a religion. It's a skillset.

Will you be teaching Munay Ki Rites in this course?

No. A Tribe from a small Peruvian village does these rituals with the purpose of invoking and honoring THEIR Ancestors and THEIR Land Spirits. There is no benefit to you in invoking their Ancestors. They are not the ones that are watching over you. Be mindful when participating in rituals you know nothing of, you are opening yourself to foreign to you entities. You may get parasitic attachments or simply be drained of your energy and resources. Those who are selling you courses or ceremonies with Munay Ki Rites are either completely ignorant or con artists.

Why aren't teachings about the Medicine Wheel included in the curriculum?

The Medicine Wheel is a religious artifact designed to transmit cultural wisdom. Numerous Native American cultures have revered the Medicine Wheel as a sacred symbol, representing various facets of life, spirituality, and the interconnectedness of all things. It serves as a beautiful homage to the rich history and traditions these cultures cherish.

For those aspiring to become healers, it becomes imperative not to become entangled in the religion and religious artifacts that cannot contribute to one's skills and knowledge in the healing field. While the Medicine Wheel holds undeniable religious, cultural, and historical significance, it offers zero benefits when it comes to healing.

Isn't Shamanic Gift supposed to be handed down from our Ancestors?

Shamanism is not a 'gift', it's a skill set. Nothing is just given. There is no shortcut to knowledge, it takes studies and hard work. People who are telling you that this "gift" could only be passed by blood are, at its best, gullible, and at its worst, scammers. Run from those who tell you that they inherited a gift.

How can you charge money for traditional healing?

When did it become shameful to work for a living and provide for your family? Traditionally, a Shaman was supported and provided for by an entire Tribe. I assume that you don't have a Tribe providing for you and don't live off the Government's handouts. Have pride in earning a living. Unless someone starts to pay your bills and put food on your table, their input on whether you should charge for your work is irrelevant.

Real Shamans don't charge for healing.

I laugh at loud every time I hear that. I have lived in the USA for over 22 years, and am yet to see anyone offering healing for free.

My question is how do individuals who identify as genuine shamans, practicing healing without charging fees, manage to sustain themselves in a society where virtually everything comes at a cost, including housing, sustenance, education, healthcare, and utilities? Do they live off their mothers? Do they steal? Do they sell drugs? Do they depend on government assistance? Do they hold down additional jobs? I cannot imagine how I would do that while seeing clients every day from morning to night and teaching late at night and on weekends.

Isn't Shamanism exclusive to American Indian Culture?

Shamanism is not exclusive to American Indian culture. Its origins date back over 40,000 years, long before the first settlers arrived in North America approximately 26,000 years ago. Shamanism predates the existence of American Indian tribes, and it is a practice that has been embraced all over the world, across continents, by people of every race and nationality.

It's crucial to recognize the distinction between American Native Religion and Shamanism. While both hold unique cultural and historical significance, they serve different purposes, with American Native Religion primarily focusing on religious beliefs and rituals rather than the practical skills associated with Shamanism. While there may be overlaps in symbolism and spiritual concepts, the core distinction lies in the primary focus of Shamanism on healing and practical skillsets.

It's important to dispel the misconception that American Native Religion is synonymous with Shamanism. While the former centers on religious practices deeply intertwined with cultural identity, the latter is a distinct set of skills aimed at facilitating healing and personal growth.

How to tell a real Shaman from a fake?

Shamanism represents a natural response to the unique needs of a specific society during a particular moment in time. This is why it can take on diverse forms across different regions of the world. None of these variations is inherently superior to the others. Being different doesn't equate to being inauthentic. Shamanism serves as a reflection of the cultural evolution within a community.

Shamans can manifest in various appearances and roles within society. Some may appear as ordinary people, working in conventional office settings, while others may seem as if they belong to a bygone era, and still, others might be more eccentric and even resemble clowns in some aspects. Each of these manifestations serves a unique purpose and plays a vital role within their respective communities, highlighting the diverse ways in which shamanism is expressed and needed.

Personally, I want to see a real person with a real name and without any theatrical entourage, as costumes and trinkets are only needed when knowledge is lacking. People who point fingers and yell "fake" are usually the fake ones. Real healers do real work, they don't play dress-up, have no time to watch what others do, and have no need to sabotage others.

Real Shamans don't need certification:

Indeed, authentic Shamans do not need certification. However, based on my personal experience and insight, I prefer seeking guidance from individuals who have undergone formal training. This preference arises from the fact that they have invested time and effort into honing their skills, in contrast to those who simply declare themselves as shamans and recount tales of mystical "gifts" bestowed upon them in dreams or during drug-induced revelations.

Frequently Asked Questions