7-Day Planetary Attunement

Astro-Remedies for Women

Dear Goddesses,

I extend a warm invitation exclusively to women to join me for an empowering journey: the 7-Day Planetary Attunement. The celestial bodies wield profound influence over every aspect of our lives, shaping our well-being and fortunes. By aligning with these planetary energies, we unlock the potential for improved health, career advancement, abundance attraction, enhanced relationships, and much more.

Throughout this transformative experience, you'll discover the art of harmonizing with the unique influence of each planet: the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and the Sun.

Join us as we delve into cosmic energies and empower ourselves together.


  • 7 short video lessons: Planetary Archetype

  • 7 Guided Meditations for Planetary Energy Invocation

  • Checklist of planetary harmonization crystals, colors, foods, and activities.

  • Log template for tracking your progress


  • Introduction to Vedic Numerology: video class and 32-page guide

  • Chiron energy activation for healers to unlock special abilities and wealth

  • Monday - Moon

  • Tuesday - Mars

  • Wednesday - Mercury

  • Thursday - Jupiter

  • Friday - Venus

  • Saturday - Saturn

  • Sunday - Sun

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