Rewire your brain in 30 days

30 days to a more positive outlook Gratitude Journal

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No Pressure Guide to Achieving What You Want

This guide is a roadmap for personal growth that evolves as you do, ensuring lasting resonance and alignment. It's full of practical and actionable insights that fit seamlessly into your daily routine.

Explore a unique methodology for setting and attaining your desires. Tailored for creative minds and free spirits craving flexibility, this guide offers an unconventional approach to planning and achieving your aspirations.

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Hypnotherapist's Log Book: Client's Phone Intake & Appointment Record

Keep all your client's records in one place. Plenty of space to take notes.

2-pages layout for each client:

  • 1st page for the phone intake when booking: contact info, goal, appointment time - in person or online, fee amount, the way to collect the payment, payment received or not, treatment plan, and resources you may need.

  • 2nd page for one appointment record: client's statement, induction, deepener, convincer, depth, client's feedback, homework, resources to email after the appointment, when to follow up, and next appointment time.

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Hypnotherapy Phone Intake Book.

1-page layout for each client: name, contact info, goal, appointment time, in-person or online session, fee, and payment.

Available on Amazon for $9.99