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Energetic Cord Cutting

Practitioner's Bundle

The Guide to Energetic Cord Cutting – your demystified, easy-to-follow roadmap to mastering the ancient practice of severing energetic connections.

The practice of cord-cutting has been embraced by healers, Shamans, Tantricas/Dakinis, yogis, pagans, and witch healers for centuries. Now, you can harness its power and bring spiritual balance into your life.

Energetic cords, also known as etheric cords, influence our well-being and relationships more than we realize. They can connect us to loved ones or drain our vital energy. This guide empowers you to take control of your energetic connections and step into a life of freedom and balance.

What you are getting:

1. A Step-By-Step Guide: a 15-page PDF guide breaks down the art of cord cutting into clear, accessible steps. You can adapt it to meet your specific needs or those of your clients, making it a versatile tool for energy healers, spiritual practitioners, and anyone seeking profound healing.

2. Three Guided Cord-Cutting Meditations Scripts - straightforward and easy-to-follow

3. Two guided healing sessions

4. Commercial License: to use the scripts for producing and selling recordings of these healing sessions.

5. Short Guide to Creating Meditation and Hypnosis Recordings: to help you start recording meditations.