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Fear of Driving

Hypnosis Program In a Box

All done-for-you resources

Are you a practitioner seeking to empower your clients in conquering their fear of driving? Look no further! Our Hypnosis Program in a Box is your comprehensive solution, designed to equip you with the tools and resources needed to guide your clients towards freedom on the road.

What's Inside:

1. Done-for-You Practitioner's Resources: Save time and effort with our meticulously crafted resources, including evaluation procedures, secondary gains analysis protocol, and a client intake form. Streamline your process and focus on what you do best – helping your clients achieve their goals.

2. Common Causes: Gain insights into the underlying factors contributing to the fear of driving. Understanding these common triggers is key to tailoring your approach and providing targeted support to your clients.

3. Single Hypnosis Session Structure: Unlock the secrets of a successful hypnosis session with our structured framework. Establish trust, induce relaxation, and guide your clients towards profound transformation in just one session.

4. 5-Week Hypnosis Treatment Plan: Dive deeper into the journey of overcoming the fear of driving with our comprehensive 5-week treatment plan. Each week is carefully mapped out, ensuring gradual progress and lasting results for your clients.

5. 10 x Hypnosis Scripts: Elevate your sessions with our collection of 10 professionally crafted hypnosis scripts. These scripts cover a range of scenarios to suit your clients' needs: fear of driving on a highway, tall bridges, tunnels...

Why Choose Hypnosis Program in a Box:

Efficiency: Say goodbye to hours of preparation and planning. Our program provides everything you need to hit the ground running, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional results to your clients.

Effectiveness: Backed by years of research and expertise, our program is designed to produce tangible outcomes. Witness the transformation as your clients overcome their fear of driving and reclaim their freedom on the road.

Flexibility: Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting out, our program is adaptable to your needs. Customize your approach and tailor the resources to suit your unique style and clientele.

Take the Next Step Towards Empowerment:

Join the ranks of successful practitioners who are changing lives with our Hypnosis Program in a Box. Empower your clients to overcome their fear of driving and embark on a journey towards newfound confidence and freedom.

Don't let fear hold your clients back from experiencing life to the fullest. Invest in their future – and yours – with Hypnosis Program in a Box today!

What is included:

  • Common causes

  • Evaluation procedure

  • The secondary gains analysis protocol

  • A single hypnosis session structure

  • 5-week hypnosis treatment plan

  • 10 x hypnosis scripts

  • Client Intake Form

  • Commercial license

  • Guide to recording hypnosis sessions

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