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Hypnosis and Coaching for Content Creators and Public Speakers

Practitioner's Bundle

This package contains everything you may need to help content creators and public speakers overcome shyness, overcome the fear of public speaking, become more comfortable on camera, stop worrying about other people’s opinions, boost creativity, unleash their inner voice, and speak with authenticity.

1. Coaching & hypnosis program outline to help you plan your sessions.

2. Hypnosis scripts for fear of public and camera, boosting confidence, unlocking creativity, memorizing text/presentation, liberating from opinions of others.

8 scripts + Progressive Muscle Relaxation & Re-emergence scripts.

3. Coaching: Scripted NLP exercises; body language; voice practices.

4. Resources for your clients: homework; dress code guide, affirmations, and vision board guide.

5. Forms drafts: agreement, intake form, evaluation form.

6. Marketing resources: marketing guide; proposal letter; 3 social media post drafts; video introduction script; sales page draft for your website.

What is included:

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$99 (non-refundable)