Hypnotic Storytelling for Children

Age Group 3-8 Years Old

Workshop for parents and caregivers

Struggling with bedtime battles, anxious mornings, or a lack of focus in your child?

Through story-telling and play, foster relaxation and teach your child self-soothing and emotional self-regulation skills.

Workshop Highlights:

- Teach your child emotional regulation
- Create calming bedtime routines
- Get your picky eaters to enjoy more foods
- Boost relaxation and focus
- Spark creativity and imagination
- Bring more joy and peace into your home

Date: June 8, 2024
Time: 12 noon EST
Platform: Zoom
Investment: $47

The replay will be available

Who should attend: Parents, teachers, or caregivers of children aged 3-8

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your child's routine and bring harmony into your home.

! If you are a therapist or hypnotherapist, please consider instead the Hypnosis for Little Ones

The group is filled. Registration closed.

Self-Paced Learning
Hybrid Learning
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