Shadow Work Facilitator

Certification Course

Self-study format. Available for instant access.

This training is for hypnotists/hypnotherapists, therapists, coaches, meditation facilitators, and traditional healers.

Prerequisites: basic hypnosis or meditation skills.

Upon successful completion of the written exam, you will receive the certificate: Certified Shadow Work Facilitator.

Are you prepared to journey deep into the recesses of your subconscious, uncovering hidden potentials and dismantling barriers that hinder your growth? Step into our transformative Shadow Work Course, where you'll embark on an unprecedented voyage of self-discovery and empowerment.

Shadow work is a profound process of introspection, where we confront and integrate the facets of ourselves relegated to the shadows of our subconscious. These obscured aspects exert a profound influence over our thoughts, actions, and emotions, often without our conscious awareness. By illuminating these hidden fragments of our psyche, we reclaim our sovereignty, mend old wounds, and ignite our latent potential.

In addition, we'll introduce you to the astrological phenomenon known as the Shadow Side – Black Moon Lilith. Representing the primal, unfiltered essence of the feminine psyche, Black Moon Lilith embodies our deepest desires, fears, and instincts – facets often stigmatized or suppressed by societal norms. Embracing Black Moon Lilith empowers us to access an inner reservoir of strength, wisdom, and authenticity, allowing us to reclaim parts of ourselves long overlooked or denied.

What is included:

  • Video classes x 4

  • Healing Sessions x 4

Done-for-you resources to help you incorporate Shadow Work with your clients

  • Shadow Work Guide: 10 pages PDF

  • Self-Reflection prompt: 17 pages PDF

  • Guided Meditation Scripts x 4

  • Introduction to Black Moon Lilith - Astrological Shadow Side with interpretations for each placement in the birth chart.

What else is included with your purchase:

  • License that grants commercial use of the scripts

  • A short guide to working with scripts and creating meditation and hypnosis recordings

  • A short guide “Spiritual business you can start from home right now“

Special offer

Enroll in this course by May 16 to join me live on Zoom for two complimentary healing sessions

at 12 noon EST on Fridays, May 17 and May 24, 2024

(replays will be available)

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