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Earth Submergence - Primeval Pathways

Shamanic Healing Practices


I am inviting you to join me on a transformative expedition through three soul-stirring journeys, each unveiling deeper layers of ancient wisdom and restoration.

This transcendent journey is a must for Shamans, but it isn't exclusive to practitioners alone. Non-practitioners will benefit immensely from this deeply healing and transformative trance work.

I promise you an amazing experience!

Experience Profound Healing with Shamanic Trance Work: Earth Submersion

Guzalia Davis

First Journey: Mother Earth's Sanctuary - Layer of Renewal

Dive into the heart of Mother Earth's embrace, where the essence of physical rejuvenation resides. Immerse yourself in a meditation that blankets you in the nurturing energies of the Earth. Explore this foundational layer, focusing on profound healing that revitalizes your physical being, restoring vitality and rejuvenation.

Second Journey: Ancestral Depths - Layer of Memories and DNA

Venture into the abyss of ancestral knowledge and hidden DNA insights. Discover ancient memories and buried wisdom as you journey deeper into the Earth's embrace. Unearth the profound layers of your ancestral lineage and uncover the rich tapestry of your personal history.

Third Journey: Inner Core - Primordial Heart - Layer of Ancient Gods and Power

Connect with your divine source, rekindling the essence from which you emerged. Reawaken your true essence and innate power in this sacred layer. Delve into the realm of ancient gods and primeval wisdom, an essential odyssey for Shamans seeking spiritual elevation.

Regular engagement is key to experiencing the full spectrum of healing and transformation.