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Struggling to charge your worth?

As you sit at your desk, pondering the next steps for your business, let's embark on a simple math exercise that might just change the way you view your work and its impact on society.

If you increase your sales volume by just 1%, you'll notice a remarkable 3% increase in profitability. But a 1% bump in your prices can lead to a significant 11% boost in profitability.

However, as you consider these figures, you may be cringing at the very idea of calculating your profit. Perhaps, you believe that you don't do what you do for money. Your primary aim is to help people, not to accumulate wealth. And that's an admirable perspective, one that many share.

But , here lies a significant societal issue. There's a growing divide in our society between those who work diligently and those who choose a parasitic lifestyle, expecting everything for free.