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When people do not want to pay you

The scope of your practice

As aspiring healers, it is of utmost importance to understand the boundaries within our profession and practice within our defined scope. While our healing modalities can be incredibly powerful for personal transformation, it is crucial to acknowledge and respect the limitations of our role, directing clients to appropriate professionals when necessary.

Financial Matters:

When potential client expresses their inability to pay for our services due to unemployment or financial difficulties, it is essential to remember that we are not employment agencies or financial advisors. While empathy plays a significant role, it falls beyond the scope of our practice to provide assistance in finding employment or resolving financial issues. We should avoid shouldering the burden of their problems.

Abusive Relationships:

If a client discloses that they are suffering from an abusive relationship, it is crucial to recognize that we are not family counselors, police officers, or lawyers. It is imperative to refer them to professionals who specialize in handling domestic violence, such as therapists, counselors, or local authorities. They are equipped to provide the appropriate support and guidance necessary. It is vital to acknowledge that healing cannot occur while they remain in such a harmful situation. Attempting to address their wounds while they continue to endure ongoing abuse is akin to placing a band-aid on a deep, gushing wound.

In your genuine desire to help people, it's easy to allow people to hang the burden of their responsibilities on your shoulders and it's easy to get sucked into situations you don't belong. We must avoid becoming entangled in situations that do not fall within our professional purview.

While I empathize with their experiences and firmly believe that abuse is unacceptable, providing free or discounted therapy would be a disservice. We must refrain from enabling poor choices and take into account that individuals always have choices, even though they may be difficult.

I refuse to pay in for someone's poor choices. Yes, there is always a choice. And, with a few extreme cases, everyone is exactly where they choose to be. I know that too well, I bled for my choices.

Let's put emotions aside. I want you to be ready for the real world. People will be asking you for free therapy every day! Some will say that healing is a gift and it should be free. Some will give hundreds of reasons why they cannot pay you and will tell you all sorts of heart-wrenching stories. Although, the very same people will never think of asking for a free haircut or manicure, free gas for their car, a free meal at a restaurant, or a free purse at a boutique. They find the money for that.

The real reason why people ask for free healing is that the healing field attracts naturally empathic, kind, caring, generous, and selfless people that really want to help others which makes them an easy target for moochers, manipulators, and parasites.