From Chaos to Calm

Workshop & Practitioner's Resources

Ready to guide your clients on a journey from chaos to calm?

Dive into our comprehensive practitioner's toolkit designed to help individuals overcome resistance to cleaning, decluttering, and bringing more order into their homes. Packed with insightful videos, written materials, and actionable resources, this collection is your go-to solution for fostering lasting change.

What's Included in Your Package:

Videos Include:

- Video class: 28 minutes

- Parts Therapy Hypnosis demo session: 31 minutes

- Group hypnosis session: 22 minutes

- Discussion about hoarding: 24 minutes

- Hypnosis technique for finding lost items: 5 minutes

Written Materials:

- Guide to understanding the root of clutter: 13 pages

- Guide to Transforming Your Home and Mind: 31 pages

- Guide to digital detox: 4 pages

- 12-week hypno-coaching plan

- Hypnosis scripts x 7

- Self-reflection prompts

- Resources for your clients

Empower yourself with the tools to help your clients reclaim their space and find peace amidst the chaos. Elevate your practice and make a lasting impact today!