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How to speak hypnotically

How to hypnotize

Curses and Karma

After the session chat

How technology reshapes our brains.

Kids' behavior problems.

Working locally or globally online (healers, coaches, therapists)

Get things done without getting overwhelmed

How we tie karmic knots

Tradition that outlived its time, can become treasonous

Your fears could be rooted in past life

Why you will lose what you treasure the most

If you have trouble charging enough for your work

How to start making money as a healer

You are nothing without your Ego!

The use of metaphor in healing. Indirect suggestions in hypnosis.

Traits of successful people

Generational trauma release

Clearing old traumas

This is why you don't have any money

Do you know what you want?🤔 At times, unfulfilled desires stem from a lack of clarity about our true aims.

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