Guzalia Davis International Hypnosis School

Phone: (+1) 443 - 599 - 8488

Columbia, Maryland, USA

Hypnosis Practice Sessions for Non-Students

Membership options:

- Monthly membership: $99 (cancel anytime, with the membership concluding at the end of the paid month upon cancellation)

- 6-month membership: One-time payment of $450

In 2024, our practice sessions will commence on January 8th and continue weekly until June.

Our weekly hypnosis practice sessions are held every Monday at 5 pm EST on Zoom, excluding holidays.

Additionally, we gather for Zoom meetups every Friday at 12 noon EST, offering ongoing support along with occasional healing sessions, marketing discussions, and relaxed conversations.

If you've received hypnosis training from sources outside our school and seek assistance refining your skills, gaining confidence, and furthering your practice, this opportunity is tailored for you.

Mastering hypnosis involves more than just learning; it's about evolving into a skilled hypnotist. Only through consistent practice and experience can you effectively rewire your neurology and truly become a hypnotist.

Please use the form below to submit your membership request. This membership is exclusively available to formally trained and certified hypnotists, ensuring an optimal learning environment for all participants. Upon approval, you'll receive a confirmation email along with an invoice for your membership.

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